13 Oktober 2014

Ohhhhh.. Maxisss


Masalah internet dan line rumah belum selesai....nak siapkan cerita ke medan..nak masukkan gambar pun ambil masa 2 jam...aku malas nak update kat opis....kena tempoh dan masa bertenang nak buat...
So....maxiss...sila la ambil perhatian...surat cinta sudah dihantar..... dah siap hantar paper lagi...

Dear Maxis Fixed Line Fault Reporting Centre,

Re: Still unrepaired fixed line and broadband connection for 03-5882 xxxx

I have a fixed line account no. 83216xxx and broadband line account no. 97110xxxx via the same telephone number 03-5882xxxx, and fault report numbers C1540xxxx dated 20 September 2014, C15437xxxx dated 26 September 2014 and C1547xxxx dated 8 October 2014 are referred.

2.            Please refer to the e-mail letter to The Star Newspaper (as attached) which I have submitted on 10 October 2014 for details of the unresolved problem c.c.-ed to Maxis Facebook, which would be able to provide you a clear issue on the still unrepaired fixed line and broadband connection for the above telephone line for your perusal.  

3.            I wish to formally state herewith that if Maxis is not interested to resolve the issue, you might as well disconnect the line for the above two accounts as there would be no difference anyway. If so, payment will not be disbursed for the interrupted services since 20 September 2014, and kindly reimburse advance payment that I have made, if any, including relevant deposits.

Thank you and regards.

3 ulasan:

~Aida@MommyAqilMedina~ berkata...

Wahh ni betul2 marah ni kak..akak tukar la pada IPTV tu..sebab kat situ UNIFI pon tak dapat kan..Better beralih arah kan kak..ehhehe

lieyalatif berkata...

adoi menyirap kalo interinet buat hal...ape lagi..mari bertukar heeheheh

Izni Hafiz Abdul Rashid berkata...

Huhuhu... ada masuk paper ke?

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